09 December 2010

The musician

By Aleta Shaheen

The musician picked up his guitar after what had seemed like an eternity.
He embraced it as he began to play.

As he plays I can feel his emotions as he strums.
His eyes shine with the passion and enthusiasm that he has for his savior.
His face grows soft and sad as he sings about his savior’s death.
His eyes dance as he announces his savior’s resurrection.

Oh, how he wishes everyone could share his passion for his Christ.
He looks around at his band members and shakes his head.
They play for themselves while he plays for his Lord.

I watch as he takes them aside and prays with them.
One member stares at the ceiling,
Another plays with her hair,
While still another is looking at the floor.

I listen in on their prayer and I hear his devotion to his God.
How he shares his hopes and dreams with Him.
How he invites Him into this place of worship.

I sit amazed as he leads his band on the stage and begins to play.
He jumps to the beat of the song.
He claps to excite the congregation.
He invites them to worship with abandonment,
Not worrying about what others may think.

I want to have his passion, his enthusiasm, his excitement.

I want to be like him.

This musician is my baby brother,

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